J & B Log and Lumber, LLC
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Complete lumber sawing and milling services.

Elder Family
The Elder Family has been in the logging business for 70+ years.  The love of the woods started with Lawrence "Bone" Elder during the 1940's.  Second generation logger Wade Elder grew his passion of the timber, passing it down to son Doug and daughter Melissa.  They in turn passed it to the fourth generation members, Ben and Allen.  Certainly a fifth generation can't be far behind!

Tri-State +1 Coverage
Though headquartered in Chandler, Indiana, J & B provides extensive coverage to Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.  As the needs of landowners has increased, Tennessee has been added as well.  Additionally, multiple log mills are utilized to provide a both a broader range of services and better transportational logistics.

Products and Services
We strive to provide the products that our clients need.  Our forte is mat production.  These can be ordered in both 8" and 12" in lengths up to 40'.  While others struggle to find materials, we are blessed to have an abundance of resources. Don't forget the complete aray of log mill services.